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Whole House Fan Benefits                                                         Quiet Cool Fan

Improve your Indoor Air Quality with a QuietCool Whole House Fan

Did you know that you can have Healthier, Happier, and Cooler Home with a QuietCool Whole House Fan from Eco Air Solutions?

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Indoor Air Quality Whole House Fan That Fan Guy

Cleaner, Fresher, and Cooler air are just some of the many benefits of a Whole House Fan


  • Eliminates or greatly reduces AC usage 50-75%

  • Lowers your electrical consumption, uses less than 1\10th the electricity of AC

  • Removes heat from your home & attic

  • Replaces hot stale air with cool fresh air

  • Expels germs, smoke & VOC gases

  • Removes Airborne pathogens, bacteria, and viruses

  • Helps to prevent mold & mildew

  • Cleaner, more fresh and pristine air in your home

  • Safely removes pet dander and odors

  • Replaces all the air in your home 15-20 times per hour for just pennies an hour  

  • Quickly removes cooking odors & heat

  • One of quickest ROI's of any green energy product, about two years

  • The most cost effective and eco-friendly way to cool your home

  • Owning a Whole House Fan will reduce A/C runtime relieving the strain on your compressor, lower your energy bill, will quickly cool your house and attic, improve indoor air quality, all while increasing your comfort. 

Indoor Air Quality Whole House Fan That Fan Guy
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