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No Matter what your ventilation needs might be, we'll customize the perfect natural cooling solution for your home. We don't believe in the one fan fits all philosophy. That's why we sell the two best Whole House Fan Product Lines on the market. All of our fans are made in the U.S.A.. 

Our Traditional Fans are Tried and True and Built to Last. They have been around since before Air Conditioning. However, some of them can sound like a Jet Engine. Our, made in the U.S.A., Traditional Fan is the best on the market due to it's Quiet Operation, Powerful Air Flow, and Quality, Modern Design. Our fans are belt driven and made from Powder Coated Steel. To ensure quiet operation and minimal vibration, they have a patented design with automatic belt-tensioning springs, a rubber dampening seal, and welded construction (no bolts that eventually come loose). The deep pitched, aerodynamic, balanced blades deliver maximum air flow and quiet operation. Lastly, our fans have trouble free, permanently sealed bearings resulting in years of reliable, maintenance free usage. In person, our clients are always amazed by the solid construction of this unit. Of all the Traditional Whole House Fans on the market, this is hands down, the most trouble free, quality built product you will find!

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Quiet Cool Whole House Fans are whisper quiet, innovative, ducted Whole House Fans. The patented ducted design allows the system to suspend in the attic, which greatly reduces noise and vibration. With over a 98% Customer Satisfaction, clients are very happy with this effective method of cooling your home. QuietCool Fans are made just down the freeway in Temecula, CA! As an authorized installer of QuietCool Fans, we are experts at installing and configuring the perfect set up of these amazing fans.

We are an Authorized Quiet Cool Dealer and Quiet Cool Installer.

We would love to talk to you about the many benefits of owning a Whole House Fan. Please feel free to call if you have any questions about type, size, how does it work, will it work for my home, etc.? We can help you size a fan for your home and give you a no hassle, upfront quote. Our pricing is fair and our workmanship is superb.

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