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Many of our customers are reducing their Air Conditioning usage 75%-80%! Do you want to stop sweating at night? Would you like to reduce your high Electric bill? Are you interested in cooling your house in a few minutes for pennies a day?

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Proudly Servicing San Bernardino, CA. We are San Bernardino County's Premier Whole House Fan Company.

San Bernardino's climate is perfectly fitted for a Whole House Fan. No matter how hot it gets during the day your nights always cool down.It is precisely that cool air that our fans capture and use to cool your house and attic in a matter of minutes. The Inland Empire gets HOT during the day, but, you can utilize that cool summer San Bernardino mountain air. Our Whole House House Fan will help you solve your cooling needs. Beat the heat and give us a call today at 714-696-8326, so you too can save energy, save money and stay cool all summer long!

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We specialize in Centric Air, QA-Deluxe, and Quiet Cool Whole House Fan Installation

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We would love to talk to you about the many benefits of owning a Whole House Fan. Please feel free to call if you have any questions about type, size, how does it work, will it work for my home, etc.? We can help you size a fan for your home and give you a no hassle, upfront quote. Our pricing is fair and our workmanship is superb.

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